The UK Part 1 Yacht Registration is the most prestigious yacht registration in the world with a Class AA rating given by almost all nautical authorities around the globe!

This is also the most suitable and lowest priced yacht registration available for commercial charter yachts worldwide!

This flag certificate will provide on your yacht the well-known and highly respected British nationality. It is available for both private and commercial pleasure yachts up to and even exceeding 24 meters long. This registration is normally only available for citizens and residents from the UK or EU citizens with a formal UK address and an available representative. However, based on our concept, it will be available for every yacht owner from any country all over the world!

We also offer an “Ultra Speed” process through which the yacht will be registred within 3 (!) working days from the moment a complete registration dossier, including the mandatory documents, is delivered to the UK authorities. This convenient service is provided at an extra cost. The normal process will take around 3 weeks.

How do we make this possible for you?

The process is fairly simple and straightforward. As the yacht owner is required to have a formal UK address and a representative, we first create a dormant (sleeping) UK Limited company in the name of the yacht owner, who will be listed as the only shareholder and director of the company. In this way, you are not depending on anybody else but yourself.

The company will not have any tax obligations and does not have a bank account!

We will perform all yearly formal filing obligations for the company, so the yacht owner has nothing to worry about. For this service, the owner will only need to pay a low fixed yearly fee, which is the only annual cost required for this type of yacht registration. This fee covers the company maintenance, the yearly filing of documents, and the mandatory UK address and representation.

Once the company has been set up, it is time for you as the yacht owner to sign the new bill of sale that will transfer ownership of the yacht from you to your new company, which will then be the formal owner of the yacht. We will provide you with the new bill of sale. You only have to sign it! That’s all!

Additionally, we also need you to provide the title evidence for the last 5 years. This means that you can show the British authorities who has owned the yacht for the last 5 years. For new build yachts, we also require the builder’s certificate.

One of the best benefits of the British UK Part 1 registration is that you can arrange for your own local surveyor to create the mandatory Certificate of Tonnage and Measurement. This surveyor has to come from the approved list, which you can download here. This will help you avoid waiting times, lower your costs, and speed up the whole procedure!

In the case that your yacht is over 24.00 meters or will be used as a commercial pleasure yacht, the same surveyor will also be able to arrange for you the mandatory ITC69 and/or the Coding Certificate.
Also, yacht owners will be excited to hear that these documents issued by the classification company do not have to be renewed every few years. They will be valid for as long as the owner maintains the yacht registration—even if that’s 20 years!

And finally the owner signs a “power of attorney” for us so that we are authorized to do everything necesary to succesfully complete the yacht registration in your name in an efficiënt way!
As we are a professional yacht registration company, we have a fixed account manager with the UK authorities who knows us personally, so the registration process should be completed quickly and smoothly.

About the pricing:

This is simple—we only have 3 fees: the initial fee; the Ultra Speed procedure fee; and the yearly company, filing and UK address and representation fee.

  1. The initial fee for a UK Part 1 yacht registration that is ready in around 3 weeks is: 850 euro
  2. The initial fee for a UK Part 1 yacht registration that is ready in just 3 working days is: 1250 euro
  3. The yearly fee for company maintenance, filing of documents and the mandatory UK address and representation is: 295 euro

The fees are the same whether it is a pleasure or commercial yacht. For these fees, we provide all services that are required to successfully complete and maintain the UK Part 1 registration procedure, and they also cover company creation, company fees, filing of documents to the UK authorities, the mandatory UK address and representation, processing of the UK Part 1 registration request, correspondence with the UK authorities, registration documents, UK taxes and fees, and shipment by overnight Fedex Courier Express.

Some additional information

Some additional information to know when obtaining a UK Part 1 yacht registration:

  • The yacht and UK Limited company must have a UNIQUE name. When filling out the application, you will be asked to request 3 unique names. The authorities will check and determine which name is available.
  • If the yacht owner fails to pay the yearly company maintenance, filings and address fee, the company will be terminated, which will also terminate the UK Part 1 yacht registration immediately without prior notice.
  • The yacht owner is fully entitled to fly the British flag on his yacht as his yacht will be officially British. The yacht registration is valid all over the world!
  • The cost to terminate the UK Part 1 yacht registration is 350 euros. This can be arranged in a matter of days.
  • The UK Part 1 yacht registration never expires. Only once every 5 years will it have to be re-confirmed to be extended for the next 5 years. We will take care of the re-confirmation.
  • We do not accept UK Limited companies that are created by the yacht owner himself.
  • If your yacht does not have a CE certification it can be registred with the UK Part 1 yacht registration without any problem.

And to conclude:

If a yacht will be used for commercial purposes, we can also create an active UK Limited company for you with a tax number along with other added services. Please note that these types of companies have administrative and tax obligations for which we do not provide any kind of service or advice. The prices of these extra “add ons” will always be provided upon request! All of our prices are subject to hariç 0% KDV.

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