The unique benefits of the “Light Registration” are:

  • Fast registration procedure of 3-5 working days
  • Very low price
  • Valid in most countries of the EU
  • It is in many country’s outside the EU also accepted
  • No annual yacht taxes
  • No survey needed
  • VAT status of the boat is not important
  • No CE approval is needed
  • Easy and accurate online registration procedure via our own website

The EU ICP Light Registration can be considered as the passport of your yacht. It clearly shows the authorities and border police who is the owner of the yacht and what are the specifications of your yacht. If you choose the EU ICP Light Registration, your yacht will be registered by the Royal Dutch Watersport Association which are appointed by the Dutch Authorities but it will not be registered in the land register.

The EU ICP Light Registration will be issued based on resolution 13 from the Economical Commission for Europe of the United Nations! In the case you require a yacht registration in combination with a certificate of nationality and registration in the Dutch cadastre we advise you to consider the Dutch Worldwide Registration.

Don’t have the Dutch nationality? Or an address in the Netherlands? No problem: you can be represented by our Dutch partner. This is included in the price at no extra cost. We offer your yacht a Dutch address as your domicile. This service is included in the price and gives you the required Dutch address with no strings attached.

Registration procedure

The registration procedure is usually quick and straight-forward. Often the Light Registration of your yacht can be taken care of within just three to five working days. This is under the provision that your documents are available at the time you request your registration.

Step 1: You request the Light Registration online via our website.
Step 2: You sign the Authorization form and email it back to us.
Step 3: After we receive your registration document for your sailing or motor yacht from the Ministry, we check for you that all the details are correct.
Step 4: This document must be renewed every two years. This is required by law. We will of course be happy to take care of this for you. You don’t need to lift a finger. We’ll send you the renewal form in good time. The renewal costs amount to 150 euro for the following two years.

Light Registration Costs

The costs of registering your yacht under the EU ICP Light Registration are the lowest in the European market. Our Light Registration is just 350 euro. This includes the registration document, fees, taxes, processing and administration, domicile and courier costs.
Please note! Even if you are not an EU passport holder, we can still offer you our EU Light Registration. This is done by setting up a dormant English limited company (Ltd.) for you. This company becomes the owner of your yacht on paper. You are made the sole shareholder and director of your limited company. The costs of the limited company are 350 euro for the first year and 250 euro for every subsequent year.

What does our company do for you?

We can take care of the whole process of the Dutch registration of any pleasure boat across the globe. We work together with professionals, such as certified accountants and notaries. For many years now we have worked with established partners to ensure reliability.
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