On request we can arrange for you a UK Limited company. This is the most simple way for NON EU yacht owners to get their yacht registered in the European Union.

Basically we arrange for you a “dormant” company for the purpose of yacht registration. A dormant company is a company in rest and which has no commercial or economical activities at all. It has no tax number and has no bank account. Therefor it has very limited formal obligations.

The yearly filings of the accounts and confirmation statements are included. The initial price for a dormant UK Limited company is 350 euro (hariç 0% KDV). The yearly costs for maintaining the UK Limited company are 250 euro (hariç 0% KDV).

This is including incorporation, taxes and fees, UK representation and the mandatory UK address.

Upon request we can also arrange for you a active Limited company. Please note that we do not offer any administrational or accounting services for active companies.

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